10. Apr, 2018


"KAVR 130 Areva
• KAVR 100
3 phase tripping only
• KAVR 130
Single and 3 phase tripping
The KAVR 100 provides 1, 2, 3 or 4
shot reclosure of a circuit breaker
following a fault on an overhead line.
The first shot can be selected to be either
high speed or delayed three phase
The KAVR 130 is specifically designed
for transmission and sub-transmission
lines where there is a need for singlephase
auto-reclosure. In addition to the
cycles available on the KAVR 100, it
gives the option of high speed singlephase
auto-reclose for the first shot.
The check synchronising function ensures
that the two parts of the system are
sufficiently in synchronism before being
connected together. This function can
also be used with manual switching and
is operable even when the auto-reclose
function is out of service.
The auto-reclose cycle is initiated by the
operation of the associated protective
relay. Flexible scheme logic is provided
to allow the relay to be used for a wide
range of applications.
KAVR 100 and 130 are multi-shot auto-reclose relays with integral check synchronising for application to feeders switched by a single
circuit breaker. They are intended for use on transmission, sub-transmission and distribution systems
As a part of the K range of relays, the KAVR can be integrated into an overall protection and control system by utilising its integral
serial communications facility