17. Apr, 2018

Jual/Sell: KVGC 202 AREVA

"KVGC 202 AREVA,Voltage Regulating Control Relay. Ready stock !!

The KVGC202 relay is the K Range version of the MVGC voltage regulating relay based on
the K Range series 2 relays. The KVGC202 has retained the existing functionality of the
MVGC relay and additional functionalities and features have been added to the relay, to
allow greater flexibility.
The KVGC202 relay controls a tap changer to regulate the system voltage within the finite
limits set on the KVGC202 to provide a stable voltage to electrically powered equipment
connected to the power system.
As with the K Range range of protection relays the KVGC202 voltage regulating relay brings
numerical technology to the successful MIDOS range of protection relays.
Fully compatible with the existing designs and sharing the same modular housing concept,
the relay offers more comprehensive control for demanding applications.
The KVGC202 relay includes an extensive range of control and data gathering functions to
provide a completely integrated system of control, instrumentation, data logging and event
recording. The relays have a user-friendly 32 character liquid crystal display (LCD) with 4
push-buttons which allow menu navigation and setting changes. Also, by utilising the
simple 2-wire communication link, all of the relay functions can be read, reset and changed
on demand from a local or remote personal computer (PC), loaded with the relevant
Integral features in the KVGC relays include inverse or definite time operating characteristic,
line drop compensation, undervoltage and overvoltage detectors, blocked tap change
operation, overcurrent, undercurrent and circulating current supervision, load
shedding/boosting capabilities, reverse reactance or circulating current compensation for
parallel transformers to minimise circulating current tap position indication and two
alternative groups of predetermined settings. The relays also have integral serial
communication facilities via K-Bus.
With enhanced versatility, reduced maintenance requirements and low burdens, the
KVGC202 relay provide a more advanced solution to electrically powered equipment.
This manual details the menu, functions and logic for the KVGC202 relays although general
descriptions, external connections and some technical data applies equally to the K Range
relays. "