25. Dec, 2017

Fuse 7.2kV 80A Bussmann 7.2WFMSJ80,Motor Circuit Fuse Bussmann.   Ready stock

21. Nov, 2017

"Fuse SIBA,Fuse FUSARC Schneider,Fuse EFEN,Fuse ETI,Fuse Bussmann,Fuse MERSEN,Fuse jean Muller,Fuse Kearney,Fuse Hubbell,Fuse medium Voltage/High Voltage Striker Standard DIN 43625 ; e= 292mm & e= 442mm.Indoor-Outdoor backup Fuse Link,Panel Cubicle Fuse.

Ready stock"

21. Sep, 2017

"Relay Sepam T20 Schneider,Sepam 1000+ Series 20 Type T20 new Advance UMI-USB Connection,Sepam T20 Function; for Transformer Protection Relay with Earth Fault Protection,Range Voltage; 24-250V ac/dc,Digital Control,Monitoring/Metering Transformer & Earth Fault Protection Relay simple.Ready in Stock Sepam T20 Schneider,New Condition and Original Schneider Electric Corp France.

Available Variant Sepam S20 / Sepam S40 / Sepam S42 / Sepam S80 / Sepam S81 / Sepam S82 , Sepam M20 / Sepam M40 / Sepam M41 / Sepam M81 / Sepam M87 , Sepam T20 / Sepam T40 / Sepam T42 / Sepam T87 , Sepam G40 / Sepam G82 / Sepam G87 / Sepam G88 , Sepam B21 / Sepam B22 / Sepam B80.
Ready in Stock"

Ready in Stock Sepam T20 Schneider@swatechelectrica.simplesite.com
21. Sep, 2017
7. Jul, 2017

Available Stock Sepam Schneider 1000+ Series 20,40,80 Type M20,M40,M41,M81,M87 Model New advance UMI-USB Connection,Digital Control and Monitoring MOTOR & Earth Fault Protection Relay 24-250V ac/dc.New Condition & Original Schneider Electric Corp France.